Monday, May 16, 2011

Search Me

Searching for a little levity today, I thought I would list some of the web searches that have, rightly or wrongly, driven people to my blog. Thank you, Google, for this:

"pokemon with a generalized anxiety disorder" (guilty as charged)

"allie brosh and stalking" (Just for the record, let me make this clear... I have NEVER stalked Allie Brosh. In fact, *she* stalks me. Yeah. Right. OK, well, maybe just a little stalking... but only cyber-)

"beyblade cake" (probably this July, that's what I'll be making)

"sandwich generation angst" (Oh, yeah, we got that! Also? On first page for this one on Google Search. YAY!)

"jokes about the sandwich generation" (a few, if you consider my quips about my Dad about to lose his toes "jokes." I'm generally funnier about my kids.)

"jacob is a poopy head" (No, no, Jacob sings "Ethan is a poopyhead!" and "Twinkle, twinkle, little poopyhead." Can't they get anything right?)

"bologna and autism" (Nothing to add to this. Except, yes, Jacob does eat bologna. Organic turkey bologna. I don't *think* it has anything to do with his autism.)

"everyday is autism awareness day in my world" (mine, too!)

"good sandwich based on gems" (Hope they weren't too disappointed. Guessing my "Blog Gems" post triggered this. Also?  Wouldn't that be a bit too... crunchy?)

"autism mom blog" (Biggest "Duh" on the planet)

"confessions from the sandwich generation" (Not so much confessing as whining, bitching and moaning, but I'll take it.)

"bologna odor in walls" (Guessing if they truly needed help with that they didn't stay long. Also? Eeeeew!)

"origin of because y is a crooked letter" (Yeah, I wrote a post about that, my Grandmother's favorite saying. Well, actually it's a toss-up between that and "put your tuchis on the table")

"do autistic children like chuck e cheese" (Mine does, but he is a sensory seeker. But for a sensory avoider? Let's put it this way... the first time we walked into a Chuck E Cheese my husband turned to me and said: "This is where we'll go when we die if we've been VERY, VERY bad." And he's not even autistic, just a man who likes a bit of calm and quiet.)

"spring is here and i can't wait for summer get along with friends" (good luck with THAT)

"how to include typical siblings in special needs childrens lives" (When you come up with the answer, would you please come back and share it with me?)

"ironman childrens regalia" (yes, Jake has gone there)

"sweaty girls" (needless to say this person was very disappointed)

"coppertone" (Yup, wrote one on that!)

"coppertone ass" (Nope, did NOT write one on THAT!)

"autism mom" (Me, me, me, me!)

"why different pronunciation of bologna city and meat"(You know I've been wondering a bit about that myself, but actually don't really care as long as you pronounce MY blog name right.)

"momsomnia" (Don't think I was the first one to coin it, but I amused myself when I came up with this word. Became less amusing as I found need to use it a lot.)

"thoughts for my son" (every day in every way)

"want to get direction in my life" (Oh, man, so do I, so do I. Sorry I'm not gonna be much help here.)

"world laughter day parties" (I LOVE this. Wish I were at one.)

"not allowed to be sick" (definition of a Mom)

"my parents are getting old" (In my case? Not so much the getting, more the "are" - or "were" in the case of my Dad.)

"life with jake, autism blog" (Yes, that's us. Also? There are a LOT of Jakes out there, so maybe we weren't the one you were looking for, but I hope you pulled up a chair and stayed a while anyway.)

"sibling rivalry good or bad" (Yes.)

"special needs parents, parallel lives"
(Well, there's -unfortunately- a lot of us out there. Don't know if you found your parallels here, but hope you found something relatable.)

"ethan sharer" (Sometimes. Others it's Ethan: hoarder, but we're working on that.)

"television is a drug" (They were probably looking for the video of my friend Todd Alcott's monologue, but since I embedded that in my post, they got the 2 for 1 deal.) 

"autism growing older" (It sure is getting old around these parts. Or maybe they meant autistic kids getting older. Wrote about that, too.)

"homework wars" (Been there, done that. Both boys. Wish we weren't in the trenches.)

"mayday mayday" (Yep, I put out that call a few weeks ago. Of course if they were really on a ship going down, my post wouldn't have been much help to them. Of course if they were really on a ship going down why would they be wasting time Googling shit, anyway?)

"he really needed to pee" (Did I mentions I have boys? Boys who often get too distracted to... take care of business in a timely fashion, and so aim is not their top priority when doing so? Have I mentioned that in spite of spending at least a half hour each day cleaning around our ONE toilet, it STILL usually smells like a Parisian alley in our ONE bathroom?)

"autistic little boys love their moms" (That they surely do, yes!)

And? That's all folks!

But also (because when do I ever really shut up that easy) I want to give credit where credit is due.. .

I had been mulling over doing a post like this for a while, and had already gathered quite a few of the more interesting search terms people had googled to find me when Spectrummy Mummy wrote HER post about the same, "Googled."

She inspired me to get this damn post finished and up. Also? Her post is fun and worth the read too, so go over and do so.

Plus? Come closer, let me tell you a secret...  she's my SNSS guest poster this upcoming Saturday.  So now you are in the know. It's a completely lovely post, and I can't wait to share it with you.

And now? That's really all.

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