I Get Around

...around the internet & blogosphere, that is.  What?  Did you think it was something else?

You can find my original Guest Posts here:

 At The New York Times Motherlode Blog: 

 At Aiming Low: 

It’s Not Cat Pee; It’s Me

 At the Katie Couric Show blog: 

Caring For My Aging Parents

 At in these small moments: 

Without Words


 At Mommypants: 

Mommypants Moment – I am the mother


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 At Mama Wants This!: 

Guest Star: Varda of The Squashed Bologna


On the 10th of every month I am here:

Hopeful Parents


These are re-posts and syndicated posts:

At Irish Autism Action:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Poopyhead


At Irish Autism Action:

From Autist to Artist (short version)


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I was a Pretty All True Featured Blogger



(Yeah, this was before Kris started to put the hot-links in... the post she linked to was Sitting Here in Limbo)

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FIVE TIMES! On 2-3-11, 3-4-11, 4-22-11, 5-5-11, 7-8-11, & 9-30-11