Monday, May 30, 2011

SOC Monday (oops): Going Nowhere

Well, I'm a day late with this thing, but it's Memorial Day Weekend and so Monday feels like Sunday, no? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. It couldn't be that I'm just having such damn trouble getting anything done these days, no that's not it at all....


We went nowhere this Memorial Day weekend. We being the kids and I. My husband went somewhere. he is in Milan. MILAN, people, as in Italy.

But he is working his ass off there, teaching an intensive class. So i can't really resent that he is in ITALY while i am alone in New york City in a beastly heat wave ALONE with the boys and nothing to do, nowhere to go, now can I, much?

I used to go places. I used to travel the country and the world on shoots, with plays, for film festivals. sometimes even just for fun.

I miss it, people.

My passport has expired. Ten years. Ten years since I've left the country. I don't do that work anymore. We don;t have the money to travel for fun.

And the kids? Are an odd combination of tough and easy travelers. They were real troopers on our recent sojourn to Lowell, Mass. for their cousin Greta's Bat Mitzvah (post on that in process, coming soon). but its still a hell of a lot of work for me to haul them anywhere.

I wrote a post about the physical (and emotional) baggage that comes along with taking Jake out. And i know that he's actually a fairly "easy" kid on the spectrum ,that there art people who literally CAN NOT go anywhere as a family. I am grateful that we are not on that sort of plane of existence.

But still, the big problem is.. we have nowhere to go. I can't just go somewhere, me and the boys - the two of them don't get along well enough to be alone together in tight quarters for days on end. In our home its bad enough, but without our computers and thousand toys  yikes! Plus Ethan has playdates here.

But going away with others? well, let's just say the invitations to stay with friends with country homes? Just don;t roll in. My close friends love Jake, always tell me how amazing he is, but Jake for the whole weekend? would give anybody pause. Means it will not be quiet and restful for anyone in that house. even my friends who love Jake to death? They have husbands who have not signed on for autism. 

I don't know any families with autistic kids who get invited away for weekends. (And Ethan is a handful in his own way, too.) And also many of my closest friends? don't have summer houses anyway, are trolling for their own invites.

So we puttered around the city, went to movies, swam in a ridiculously overcrowded city pool (boys loved it anyway) ate too much junkfood, spent too much time on videogames/computers, had a bunch of playdates.

It was a pleasant, not dreadful, weekend. I am now completely exhausted, and have a week ahead of me I do NOT look forward to - dealing with my mother's 19 year old about to die cat who has become incontinent and will likely need to be put to sleep.

But still, it would have been nice to be able to go away somewhere. I miss vacations, travel, excitement.  I would like to be in Milan.


Oh, I am so sorry. Was not intending this one to be a whiny rant, but that's where it went anyway. I'm tired of being tired, folks. I'm feeling mighty short on wit these days, sorry. I will try to return to witty or lyrical or something else soon. 

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