Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you any Blog Gems?

My lovely friend across the pond, Jen of The King and Eye (and Irish Autism Action) hosts a fortnightly (that would be bi-weekly to us Americans) link-up on her blog. She calls it:

Blog Gems - Air your Archives

It's a chance to get fresh eyeballs on your great posts from the past.  Each time there is a specific theme, and you select a post from your archives that fits the prompt.

But, being the generous, kind-hearted person that Jen is, it's a lenient rule. She states: "Broad interpretations of the prompt are encouraged so this could be a good chance to be creative!"

This week, for Blog Gems #12, the directions were:

"This week is about favourite posts. Link up a post that you love or that got more attention than you expected, or continues to get hits loooong after it has been posted!"

My first thought was to link my most "famous" post From Autist to Artist. But then I thought, nah, most of the folks there have seen that one before.

So I went rummaging about my blog (always a fun Sunday evening activity) and settled on this one, fairly recent (January 2011) but with a lot of good juju to it: Baggage. If you haven't read this yet? What are you waiting for? Click. Read.

So if you blog? I highly recommend that you go over to Jen's blog and join in the linky, it's a nice way to get to know each other all over again.

And if you just read blogs? Still go over there and find some great new reading material from the linky-list.  It's a nice chance to meet some kick-ass women from Europe and Australia, too.

And while you're there, stay and visit Jen for a while.  She's going through a rough patch with her middle son, the one on the autism spectrum. He's having an unsettling and unexplained physical health problem, and she could use some support. So go, listen, and give her a virtual hug. Thanks.

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