Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Gotta Have Friends at Hopeful Parents Today

It's still the 10th of the month, for a little bit longer, and I got my Hopeful Parents post done today by the skin of my teeth.

I am talking about Jake and friends, or rather, his lack thereof, in my post: You Gotta Have Friends

And while I bemoan the fact that Jake still doesn't have a much desired close friend, I also find some things to celebrate, reasons for hope.

Once again, I'm keeping it short and sweet here, just popping in to throw to my post over there.

Because my two and a half day vacation, while restful? Over at 7 pm on Sunday eve. So I'm tired again. (Will I ever make enough deposits into the sleep bank to make up for the years of 4 hour nights?)

So go read me at Hopeful Parents, then come back tomorrow for more bologna.

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