Best Squash

Here are some of my favorite posts:

About Autism & my autistic son Jacob:

From Autist to Artist My "Big One" about Autism

The Beauty of Each, Our Every Child More "deep thoughts" about Autism

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Poopyhead A sweet & funny one about Jacob

A is for Autism An alphabet of wonderful: my son Jacob

Thoughts on my son's getting older and getting stranger What it is

And so it goes A really hard day with my son Jacob


About Death / Dying & Grieving:

Nearly Finished Business Reflections on my dying Father

Sitting Here in Limbo At my Mother-in-law's hospital bedside, at the end

What’s the word? How my dying father's loss of language is & isn't like autism 

The Last Room  Walking away from the last room my father lived in

Imagine that   A ruminating ramble about my dying father & aging & autism

Fatherless Fathers Day, Year 2 The process of grieving for my Dad


About my Mother:

Groundhog Day If my Mother's doesn't remember a day, did it still happen?

H is for Holding Hands A quiet, lovely moment with my mother

3 AM Some timeless time spent in the ER with my mother

On being a daughter Reflections upon my mother's return from the hospital

My Heart, Her Heart The heartache of visiting my mother in a nursing home

Her way home Admitting my very unhappy mother into yet another hospital


About my other son Ethan:

The Conversationalist A really funny conversation with Ethan

Ethan takes over my blog today Ethan, in his own words!

E is for Ethan All about Ethan

Nice try, kid! Ethan is starting to grow up. Yikes!


About Parenting and Life in general:

Blink A moment of reflection on how fast childhood flits past

Planets An evening walk with Ethan, reflecting on my sons' disconnection

Breakers A day at the beach with my sons recalls my own childhood summers

Morning Light Watching my son sleep, writing in stolen moments

The Other Twins On 9-11-2001 I was deep in the midst of my fertility struggles



In my Grandmother's House A strange event remembered as a six year old

Dunia More about my unusual, tough-as-nails Grandmother

Sweat Memories The feel of sweat invoking 1977 and my teen self

Coppertone How a scent can bring you right back to the past

Crash In Italy on our Honeymoon... an "Incidente d'auto"

The Dress Realizing I am actually pregnant after IVF, and what I wore