The Alphabet Posts

The Alphabet Posts
These were written for and inspired by the  
Alphabe-Thursdays Meme at Jenny Matlock's blog: 
(Those letters of the alphabet I haven't gotten to yet? I will catch on the next go-round)

A is for Autism An alphabet of wonderful: my autistic son Jacob.

B is for Best Friend Exactly what my son Jacob needs but does not yet have.

C is for Chewbacca Because it's better to be happy than right.


E is for Ethan All about my wonderful son Ethan.


G is for Goodbye, Willie Saying goodbye to my mother's 19 year-old cat.

H is for Holding Hands A lovely, simple moment with my elderly, widowed mother.


J is for Jacob All about my wonderful son Jacob.

K is for Kryptonite There is never the super-autism-mom without the downside, the kryptonite.


M is for Movies My parents taught me to love them, and they taught me so much about life.

N is for Neurotypical Something highly over-rated. (My first ever Alphabet post.)

O is for Oxygen How oxygen is like language, something we don't think about unless its missing.

P is for Poopyhead That's Jacob's favorite word. (And yes, it's another post about autism.)

Q is for Quietude Wishful thinking from the house of noise.

R is for Really Wretched I bet you guessed I was not a happy camper the day I wrote this.

S is for Sucktastic I confess that Ethan eats nothing but kid food, still thinks veggies are poison.

T is for Television All about my love/hate relationship with the beast. Plus: the TV talks!

U is for Uncharted Territory Where we live with autism, hanging out with the dragons.

V is for Varda An assertion that I am more than just "Mom" & caretaker. Also? My favorite "V" words.

W is for Wallowing In grief. March brings the anniversary of my father's passing plus his birthday.

X is for Xenophilia Choosing love over hate and fear.

Y is a Crooked Letter A memoirish post about my Grandma Dunia, who used to say this.

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz My insomnia also provides me with lovely middle-of-the-night writing time.


NOTE:  I would like to thank Jenny Matlock for creating, hosting and maintaining this alphabet meme. Participating in it has freed up something in my writing. I sit down with my mind blank save for a single letter and my writing brain goes to places it has never been before. I am always surprised and usually delighted with what flows forth. I feel truly inspired, and this is a gift. And so I give thanks.