Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mom is not allowed to be sick

Sorry, to be whining again.  It's just a cold, a basic stupid rotten head cold.  I feel like crap, but can scrape myself off the floor to function when I have to; the children are fed and looked after.

But I've got laryngitis, barely any voice, and what there is is so raspy that no one can hear me on cell phones.  How much I call out to the boys from one room to another?  I have no idea until I can no longer do it.

I need to traipse into the living/dining room from the kitchen to communicate anything and everything, including such bits of wisdom as: "take your feet off your brother" during dinner.  (Because, being in NYC, we cannot actually eat in our narrow cooking-only kitchen, and so the 10,000 times I need to get up during dinner to get something or other?  Means walking a long room away and back.)

And now, Ethan?  Came into the living room this afternoon telling me he felt oh, so cold when the room was rather warm.  Hand to forehead brought suspicions, thermometer checked, and yes indeed: 101.6. Damn.

And wouldn't you know it?  This afternoon was to have brought to fruition a plan months in the making: a play-date with a classmate, long discussed, finally scheduled.  Oh, well.

And I'm actually hoping Ethan has my head cold, and not the horrible stomach virus that is going around these parts.

Evidence is pointing towards the positive: Motrin taken, he's dropped down into the 90's and not shot back up yet; he still has somewhat of an appetite, downing a mere five instead of his usual ten chicken nuggets for dinner.

Jacob may or may not succumb.  The ridiculous amount of vitamins and supplements he takes appears to have been successful in giving him an iron clad immune system.  Nine-tenths of the time, when the rest of us are wheezing and sneezing?  Jacob sails through with nary a sniffle.

Which is all for the best, as Jacob ill is not a pleasant sight to behold.  He is the picture of misery, not understanding why he feels the way he feels, and cranky and much frustrated to boot.

But healthy when we are ill?  Jacob is annoyingly cheerful; chatting away, asking to have his turn with the thermometer, asking for medicine when Ethan gets his, clearly not wanting to be left out of anything.

OK, the children have been fed dinner, and are now happily being mesmerized by evil but oh, so addictive Japanimation on the television.  I am going to climb under the covers for an hour or until the fighting starts, whichever comes sooner.

Tomorrow it will be one year since I started this blog, my "blogaversary" as it were, and I hope to have a more philosophical post up then.  Until then?  To quote my friend Stimey: urgle, burgle, blech...