Thursday, May 5, 2011

C is for Chewbacca

Bet that surprised you!

Were you expecting something like... Catharsis?  Or how about Chocolate?

Because I was really thinking about those two the other day, when I quipped with a friend of mine who also does Alphabe-Thursdays that I was deciding between Catharsis and Chocolate for my "C" word, and what a decidedly different post each of those would yield.

But would it really be that different? They are both coping mechanisms for me, after all, and right now I am working hard, paddling as fast as I can to keep my head above water, not head straight into the flesh-rending rapids without a paddle. (I know I've mixed my metaphors, that shit creek doesn't have white-water, but I don't care, so shut up.)

But back to Chewy for a minute... why him? (Besides the fact that this means I'm now coming out of the closet as a total Sci-Fi geek girl, that is.) Well, it's a kind of stream-of-consciousness answer, and even though it's not Sunday, I'm still going to go with it.

This morning while getting ready to slog out into the day, I was thinking about Ethan and how to talk to him about some of his... less than lovely behaviors that have been cropping up lately.

I was wondering if it was appropriate to start using that old pithy chestnut of a (surprisingly accurate) cliché: "Would you rather be right or happy?" Because these days he's leaning heavily towards the "right" answer; which is, of course, the WRONG answer.

Playing basketball with his friends, if their interpretation of the rules is different than his? He just loses it, melts down, accuses them of cheating, insists they do it HIS way, which is of course the right way.

And have I mentioned this is my non-autistic, supposedly "typical" kid? Yeah, it's like that these days.

But anyway, I was thinking about pointing out that if he is right all the time, that means his friends have to be wrong all the time, and if he makes them feel that way, are they going to want to play with him much?

And then moving on to the "put yourself in someone else's shoes" concept. Would he want to play with someone who had to win all the time? No, because that meant he would have to lose all the time.

So maybe, for the sake of friendship? He should let his friends win the argument sometimes, play by their rules, let things go their way. For the sake of friendship, right?

And as the words “let them win” swirled around in my brain, they found an echo… I heard  C-3PO’s voice saying "I suggest a new strategy, R2: let the Wookie win."

Now I understand that in this instance it was to keep R2D2 from being taken apart, not for friendship's sake, but still the concept of throwing a game from time to time is in there, right?

And then of course, I started to think about Star Wars, classic version - it being the day after 5/4... May the Forth... Star Wars day... "May the Forth be with you." (Total Nerd Flag flying now.)

And then it dawned on me that the Wookie's name is... Chewbacca... a "C" word.

So maybe I didn't have to choose between Chocolate and Catharsis after all, maybe I could have both (and a Wookie, too).

And so I chose Chewbacca today, because my blog has been getting a wee bit heavy lately. (Autism, you know?)

But maybe that's because I use my blog for catharsis, so I can lighten up in my life.

And really, I would rather have catharsis on my blog and chocolate in my actual life than the other way around, don’t you think?

(And may the force be with you!)

This post has been inspired by and linked up to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday writing meme. And there are so many other wonderful "C" words, aren't there? Chameleon... chalcedony... chardonnay...

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