Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Was a Senior Feminist-Hippie-Hottie


When of Liz of a belle a bean and a chicago dog came up with the fun idea of posting photographs of ourselves from our senior year of High School, I'm sure she was thinking most moms would be coming up with late 80's and early 90's style: big big hair, big sweaters, neon bright make-up and leggings. Well, ladies I'm a good bit older than y'all.

When Natalie from Mommy of a Monster & Twins was graduating high school in 1992 and rocking her glamour style?  I was a 32 year-old bride (my "starter marriage", not the one that took & gave me my boys).

My high school senior year? 1977, baby! And while technically the hippie era was over by about 5 years and punk and disco were vying for the official "youth style" title, my friends and I were nostalgic throwbacks. All artsy-fartsy, hippie-dippy, loosey-goosey, anti-materialistic. Also? Budding feminists.

So in my box of senior year pictures (if I could find it) you would NOT see: make-up, prom pix (didn't go, didn't believe in it - too bourgeois) big hair, big shoulders, or underwear (didn't wear it, didn't believe in it - too bourgeois). Sigh. (My kids better not follow in my footsteps.)

What you would see: my natural curly hair (in that awkward stage of being grown out), lots of loose cotton clothing from India via Manhattan's MacDougal Street, hairy legs & pits.

There aren't a lot of photos of me from that year, for, you see, I was a Photographer, to be found on the OTHER side of the camera, a Creator, no mere passive female object. (Did I mention I was starting to become a bit dogmatic and insufferable that year, in that way teenage zealots can be? Maybe just a tad.)

Well, I actually managed to dig up three photos from my senior graduation day, none official (horrors, perish the thought!) but these few blurry, dark photos do prove that I did actually show up at my graduation, in spite it being a, you know, patriarchal, conservative institution and all.

Maybe because there was a great graduation party that night. A girl's gotta have her priorities straight, after all. 

So here is me circa June 1977, on the front lawn of my house with my parents, Graduation Day:

Me & Mom, Graduation Day, June 1977
 Me & Dad, Graduation Day, June 1977
Me, Graduation Day, June 1977

And was I wearing a skirt as a strapless dress that day? Why yes, yes I believe I was. What? It was freaking hot in June. A skinny 16 year-old can get away with that shit, right? In 1977? You betcha!

I was a Senior Feminist-Hippie-Hottie, for sure!

Come dig out your pictures and link up, too!

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