Sibling Slice: SNSS Guests

I am now hosting a Guest Post series on my blog called:
Special Needs Sibling Saturdays

Here is the I post where I announced the series, 
laying out the whys and the whats:

Coming Soon: Special Needs Sibling Saturdays

That's the long version. The condensed version is this:

"That my children mostly do not get along, that it is so hard for us to function as a cohesive family unit?  Is probably the single most consistent source of pain in my life.

So that's what I'm hosting a guest series about. Not what I do best, but what I do worst. Because that's what I need to hear other voices about.
I want to know how others do it, and how others don't do it."

Many wonderful bloggers generously accepted my request to write a post for this series, to open up about the struggles and triumphs in their families. I thank them from my whole heart.

Here are the marvelous SNSS posts: 

Amazing Sister to Grace

 by Frelle of Made More Beautiful

New Baby and New Beginnings

 by Jessica Severson of Don't Mind the Mess

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You Are My Sunshine

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 by Jim W of Just a Lil' Blog

Dynamic Family Dynamics

 by Kate Coveny Hood of The Big Piece of Cake

The Bucket and the Mandrake

 by Michaela Searfoorce of The Foorce

Walking the Line

 by Amy Hillis of Transplanted Thoughts

Fragile Brothers, Strong Sister

 by Bonnie of The Fragile X Files

A Tale of Two Brothers

 by Laura Shumaker of Laura

Noah, my Brother

 by Lyz Lenz of

How Will They Know?

 by Caryn Haluska of Living with Logan

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 by Shell of Things I Can't Say

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 by Gina of Special Happens

Unusual is not the word!

 by Blue Sky of Looking for Blue Sky

A Family Mosaic

 by Mama Apples of Apples and Autobots

Happy to Be in the Middle

 by Jen of The King and Eye

Siblings – The Best Therapy

 by Julie Cole of The Baby Machine

Hilarity and the Mermaid’s Brothers

 by Elizabeth Aquino of a moon, worn as if it had been a shell

I am the Sister

 by ababynanny of Hand in Hand in Lala Land

Special to the Fourth Power

 by stark. raving. mad. mommy of stark. raving. mad. mommy

Sister Knows Best

 by Big Daddy of Big Daddy Autism

Brothers and Sisters: The Next Generation

 by Jennie B. of Anybody Want a Peanut?

Siblings and the LD Person

 by Peter Flom of I am learning disabled


 by Jess of a diary of a mom

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 by Adrienne Jones of No Points for Style

Our Shopping Cart

 by Jessica of four plus an angel