Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Beauty

I usually post photos of my sons here, or some other meaning laden thing.

But not today.

Listen to Your Mother is almost upon us.  It is sold out! A huge success already. Which is wonderful! But also? Adds to the pressure - it had better be perfect!

Good thing it's a staged reading; about the real, about the journey, so perfection is absolutely NOT the goal.

But I do have to take care of all those little last minute details, things that still need to be done to line up the ducks. No matter how much careful pre-planning has gone into a show, there are always those final few headless chicken days - and these are them.

So I need to take a moment of respite, focus on something simple: The found beauty of my fair city. Flowers along its streets and some yummy architectural details. All Instagrammed of course, for our enhanced enjoyment.

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