Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Week in Pictures (and Words)

I've got a mixed bag for you this week: school events, family events, and random awesomeness found on the streets of New York City. Enjoy!

An independent pharmacy's nostalgic storefront display
Would you ever see this (and the typewriter at the top) in the window at a CVS? No. Support your local small businesses, people. They are the lifeblood of your communities!

Jacob said "Make me black & white!"
This week's "Streets of New York WTF" moment:

Ethan's class had a Revolutionary War Stories puppet show on Friday, the culmination of a long project in which they each researched and wrote original short plays about a historical figure from colonial & revolutionary times. Ethan's assigned person? None other than Nathan Hale.

Remember? The "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!" guy? Yes, he was caught while spying for us, and hanged at 21. Which Ethan, of course, re-enacted with his puppet. With glee. Thanks, wonderful, creative 4th grade teacher.

But next time? Maybe pick a better role model for my kid?


We had lots of rain.

After the rain

Saturday night we had FREE tickets to the hottest new show in town:

Of course we were running late, and trying to hustle boys through Times Square on a Saturday night was, well, trying. Emerging from the subway at 50th street, Broadway was packed. Walking four abreast clearly impossible, we split into teams of two, hustled our buns, and made it to the show on time, literally sliding into our seats at 8:04 as the lights went down.

Ethan & Dan on Broadway
Peter and the Starcatcher was a great show. Wonderful acting, brilliant and creative and very playful staging. An enjoyable evening for all. (Thanks for the tickets Aunt Patty.)


  1. I love that shot of the rain on the window. Rain always makes me happy.

    So happy to hear that Peter and the Starcatcher was a great show. My daughter loves the book series.

  2. Bonding with our love ones is one our precious moment that cannot be paid by money. Despite to our hectic schedules, we need to have time to share with them, talking, laughing, and a shoulder to cry on..

    I love the type writer photo looks vintage.. :)


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