Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm in The New York Times!

Yes, it's true!

I'm in the The New York Times! (Well, the online Times, anyway.)

But still? It's The MotherNewYorkFuckingTimes! Yay!

Go! Read me on... (drum-roll, please) the New York Times Motherlode parenting blog!


A ‘Sandwich Generation’ Caregiver Heads Back to Work

And all thanks to Listen to Your Mother.

(And KJ Dell’Antonia, editor extraordinaire who tamed my 1200 word monster down to a trim 700)

I was asked to write a piece about how producing and reading in this show has taken me out of my mommy-comfort zone. (And has it ever.)

So, here it is...  my byline...  in the New York Times...  (online).

And please LEAVE a COMMENT, because I'm sure that's one of the things they look at, when determining if they're going to invite you to come back and play in their sandbox or not. And I want in.

Thanks and stay tuned tomorrow for our regularly scheduled program...

(The boys get spring haircuts for Wordless Wednesday - or what passes for wordless from wordy, wordy me - less than 500 words to go with lovely pictures.)


  1. just so proud of you, for doing all you did to make LTYM what is was...LIFE CHANGING for every single one of us.

    please know that by meeting you outside, in person, has opened up my life, I am so humbled to know you.

  2. Congrats, Varda. The link is broken, so I couldn't go over and make a comment. I got an error message.


  3. GO VARDA. So great that your wonderful article was published in The Times! I'm very happy to have heard you read and grateful for your much needed help in scoring the tickets.


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