Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Shaggy No More

Remember this?
Ethan, April 2012

Gone. Now this:

Ethan, May 2012, freshly shorn
And while in the past I have always found Ethan to look older after his haircuts, this weekend he somehow looked younger. I think it's because his hair had gone so far into the shaggy side, he ended up looking teenagerish in his dishevelment, especially as it hooded his eyes somewhat. Remember the shot from earlier this spring, wherein he looked nothing so much as a young Bob Dylan? No? Here:


Jake didn't quite NEED a cut the way Ethan did, but he prefers his hair short, so he got one, too.

My long haired boys on the way to Cozy's Cuts

Ethan insisted on getting into every photo I tried to take of Jake

Jake, happy with his short 'do. Yes, that's a zit on his forehead. Yikes!

Last photo before the shears

Why, yes, Ethan does like to mug for the camera

Trippin' down the New York City streets, post-cut
Later, reading a VERY good book...

... and out cold.
With the cat curled up at his feet.
That looks good, think I'll go take a nap, too.

Oh, wait, I have homework to supervise, kids to bathe, read with and put to bed. It was a nice thought though.


  1. The Bob Dylan resemblence is uncanny. Are you related?

  2. Love this :) And the Bob Dylan comparison is inspired. Does Ethan play guitar as well?

  3. Yes, the Bob Dylan picture and Ethan were uncanny. WOW.

    both boys look so good , but oh I am going to miss those curls. We have all summer to let it grow out right?

    you have gorgeous sons Varda.

  4. I like the old, shaggy hair better.. but hey that's just


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