Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Things that made me smile

I was out and about the city today; places to go, people to meet, errands to run. And my handy little iPhone camera came with me. 

I just shot the things that caught my eye. 

I like things that look like other things - a shrub that takes on the shape of a mighty tree, a sidewalk crack that becomes a textured abstract painting. Familiar objects whose graphic qualities please me.

And people too, with heads or without.

Woman on the M79 bus
completely random stranger in motion
And of course, some flowers. There will always be urban flowers.

Photographing like this makes me think of my father. Until the very end, he was never out and about without his camera, viewing the world with the eye of an artist.

I take you with me, Dad.

You would have really liked that sidewalk crack.


  1. I love orchids, they're simply beautiful!

  2. I love walkabout photography and I did the same thing too yesterday, just not got around to posting yet!

  3. Love that your dad is the undercurrent in your days.



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