Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Not Working

Once again, it's Sunday, time for my weekly post inspired by the lovely Fadra's "Stream of Consciousness Sunday" writing link-up.

This week I'm off the painkillers, so expect more coherence.  Or not.


It’s so easy to take things for granted in life, things that you never ever think about because they just work the way they’re supposed to. Until they don’t. take abdominal muscles, for instance.  I am having a mini anatomy lesson daily, as I try to go about my life, now some 10 days post-abdominal-surgery.  And every time my abdominal muscles engage? It hurts.  For the first few days it wasn’t just hurting they were literally not working – I couldn’t engage them at all, had to use other muscle groups to do their job.  Getting in and out of bed? An interesting challenge.

And because of this today I am having to do something that makes me sad, I have to leave Jacob behind when I take Ethan to his friend’s all day birthday party that’s a bit of a drive away.  Because managing Jacob is a physical job and I am just not up to the task, and this is one of Ethan’s very best friends and making him miss this party that he has attended annually for the past 3 years because I couldn’t watch his brother seemed just cruel.  One more reason for him to hate Jacob, and i didn’t want to give that cause any ammunition.

So jake & his Dad will be left home and E and I will ride with another family so i don’t have to sit up & drive but can instaed tilt the seat back and passenger lounge all the way up there.  Ethan will have fun, I will get a break, eat yummy food, gab with the moms, let Ethan run wild with the 8 year-old kid gang, nothing short of blood or blood-curdling screams necessitating my intervention.  but still, I’ll feel sad, knowing how Jake has always come along, has always enjoyed his time at our friend’s country home, that it is a highlight of his life too.  But not today. 


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