Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year (from George, Christopher, Gracie and Jake)

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

2010 bit our butts big time.

(Was reminded of just how much when I combed through the year for my 2010 "best of" wrap-up post)

(Would everybody please just stop dying, already?)

Here's to a terrific 2011 for one and all!

(Raising my virtual glass of champagne to clink with you all.)

(And as long as it's virtual? Make it Pol Roget Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, please.)

(In actuality, we had Martinelli Sparkling Cider.)

(And it was just me and the husband playing Monopoly with a very hyper, over-tired Ethan at the stroke of midnight.  Jake had fallen dead asleep on the rocking chair at 10 PM, and I'd been able to sleep-walk him to bed.)

(Ethan was winning, of course.)

(And all sugared up.)

(It was so very fun to put him to bed at 12:30.)

(The words "please, darling, just shut up and go to sleep" might have crossed my lips at about 12:55)

(But I would never say that, so it must have been more like: "If you don't stop giggling and calling me George, you will lose all screen time for the rest of the weekend.  I love you, now go to sleep.")

(I might have told him if he continued to call me "George" and his father "Christopher" I was going to start calling him "Gracie."  This might have been unwise, as it provoked yet another giggling fit, even though the reference was lost on him.)

(Ethan is going through a bit of a "class clown" phase.  Please let it just be a phase.)

(Ethan, balancing on the knife edge of funny/annoying ALWAYS pushes it too far and tips into pure annoyance.)

(He finally fell asleep.)

(If Jacob wakes him up early - as he inevitably does - Ethan is going to be just so much *fun* in the morning.)


Say Goodnight, Gracie.


And Happy New Year, my friends, Happy New Year to you all.

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