Monday, January 10, 2011

Over (Ouch!) at Hopeful Parents Today (Ouch!)

Day 5 of post-gall-bladder-surgery recovery, and I’ve taken myself off the pain meds.  Decidedly ouchier than yesterday, but not dreadful, I'm hoping I can make it through the day, because I'm tired of living in outer space.  And I *might* have dropped a few too many drooly “I looove youuuu” comments around the internet in the last few days, too.  Yeah, quite ready to be done with all that.

I managed to get my Hopeful Parents post done (it helps that I had started it and made substantial headway before the surgery).  So come over there to read me today.  (You can click on the graphic link below):

Or click this title to read my HP post:  Things that go "Bump" in my life

If you don’t know about or have not followed me over to Hopeful Parents in the past, please do so today.  And don’t just read my post, click around, stay awhile, read deep.

Hopeful Parents is a wonderful group blog site that I am honored and proud to have been asked to write a regular post for.  There are 62 regular writers, two each assigned to every day of the month. (I guess the pair of bloggers with the 31st have only half the obligation the rest of us do, now why didn’t *I* think of asking for that day?)

There is also a community blog space that is open to all members of the special needs community to write and post in.

What is so special about this site?  I find the people and the writing there to be extraordinary.  The writers are a collection of the most thoughtful, kind, supportive folks in the universe.  And boy, can they write.

Hopeful Parents never gets itself involved in the in-fights and controversies, the schisms that unfortunately plague nearly every community, even this, the special needs parenting community.  They are simply a place for support, a place for us all to speak out loud our thoughts and feelings about how it is to parent (or grandparent) a special needs child (or children). 

Our children’s issues are many and varied.  Our issues are many and varied (because the apple does not always fall so far from the tree).  Some of us have lost children and are grieving, others have children with new diagnoses and are searching, struggling to understand. 

Please come to read and then when a writer has touched you, follow them back to their home blog and get to know them better, learn more of the fullness of their lives.

And, hopefully, I’ll see you back here tomorrow or the next day, with more from me (if I can clear my brain and get over the ouch).

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