Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Loopy Grateful Thoughts

OK, I'm ready for my first real post-surgery post! (Surely you figured out that my last post was pre-written before the surgery & then scheduled to go up on Friday.  No?  Did it sound all loopy like something written by someone on painkillers?  Really?  Didn't think so.)

And what could be more perfect for this than Fadra's weekly "Stream of Consciousness Sunday" meme: where I'm supposed to just free write and whatever pours out of my brain is OK?

The rules are such:
  • Set a timer and write for 5 minutes only.
  • Write an intro to the post if you want but don’t edit the post. No proofreading or spell-checking. This is writing in the raw.

OK, so, here goes....

Today is day four after my surgery and I am feeling grateful for all the small things that are allowing me to truly rest and heal today.  this weekend everything came together just perfectly to allow Ethan to have a million playdates, be the social creature that he is. He had a sleepover Friday night, and the mom even picked him up from afterschool, so I didn't see him from the moment I kissed him goodbye Friday morning as Danny swept him out the door to go to school until he was dropped off back at home at 11:30 yesterday.  Then he had an afternoon playdate with the neighbor kid across the street, and after that an evening with the upstairs neighbors, who even took him out to dinner with them and didn;t send him home until 8:30 PM, PERFECTLY timed for 10 minutes after Jake had gone to bed.

Because right now? the fighting is the worst part, when the kids get most physically out of controll and therefore dangerous to me.  but also I'm actually missing the guy. feeling like I;m catching glimpses of the future when he's a teen and barely home.  Makes me appreciate him even more when  he's around, because Ethan?  He's a really great kid and I do so enjoy his company, when he's not in obnoxious-ville, that is.

Jake has been having a hard time not climbing in my lap, but all things considered is doing a great job of being gentle with me, being a real trooper.  It's hard because he chose tihs week to want to watch less TV and play with me more.  His playmobil people are involved in all sorts of adventures and now he wants them all to have names.  Jake: "What's his name, Mom?" "That guy is Steve" (not terribly exciting, but first name to pop into my head, what can I say).  "Oh, Steve come over here right now and help change this tire!"

It is awesome that his imaginative play is really taking off right now, but the timing, really?  Couldn't have waited 2-3 weeks? No?  But really I am am very, very grateful.  Just wish it was easier for me to sit on the floor with him and play.

And then there's my sweet kitty who is so happy that I am acting properly for the first time in 8 years, and spending most of my time laying around being a good cat pillow.  It has been very comforting having her leaning up against me gently while I sleep and sleep. except for the moment she tried to step up on me, placing her paw EXACTLY in the spot where up until Wednesday my Gall Bladder had resided.  Can I say OUCH?  I believe I did.  OUCH!!!!!

OK, it's true, this has been a bit more than 5 minutes, because you know I forgot to set the timer, right? But I have the perfect excuse: I'm all loopy on painkillers.

So now?  Back to my nap!  Zzzzzzzz

OK, I hope that made even a little bit of sense!   Now YOU click on the link and let's hear your brain droppings!

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