Wednesday, January 26, 2011

REALLY Wordless Wednesday: The Week in Pictures

I can tell a story in pictures, I can tell a story in pictures, I CAN tell a story in pictures.

OK, who am I kidding?  You know I'm going to throw at least a few words in there (me being me and all).  But today?  I'm trying, at least I'm TRYING, to keep them to a minimum.

So, maybe it's not REALLY wordless... how about NEARLY wordless?  Here goes:

We had: SNOW!
Snow + Ethan = snowballs!.
Ethan got a HAIRCUT!
Before: shaggy as he wants to be
After: Ethan shorn, but full of 'tude
Ethan was actually not as angry as he looks in this photo.  He liked his cut but was really ready to get the hell out of there, not in the mood to have his picture taken any more by his mom.

So I got "the face."  He's been practicing it, lately.  I was trying very hard not to laugh, because it's no fun being laughed at when you're trying to look mean and intimidating. 

I was hanging out with Jakey, my SUPERHERO:
Holy GF/CF breakfast waffle, Batman!
Talk to the Red Ranger Mask

Jake went BOWLING with FRIENDS:
Jacob learned to use the 3 finger grip. Way to go, Jake!

Ethan's school's "BROADWAY NIGHT" fundraiser was a blast, with:
The Flying Karamazov Brothers (for real)
Um, yeah, when a Manhattan public school school has "Broadway Night" on a Monday, theater's dark night?  We get real Broadway stars.

Does that make up for an ancient building, tiny cafeteria, too small yard & gym, and overcrowding in general?   Hell, yes!  (Especially when you add in a wonderful, energetic principal; the world's best parent co-ordinator; terrific, smart & dedicated teachers and an incredibly generous, involved & motivated parent body.  And, oh yeah, the kids are pretty awesome, too)

And?  That's a WRAP! 

See?  Nearly wordless (for wordy me, that is).

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