Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Thank Goodness

Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesday today, as I am still deep in the muck of this nasty, nasty cold and couldn't pull a "real" post together if my life depended on it (and thank goodness it doesn't).

After dropping Ethan off at school and running a couple of errands this morning I got home and lay down in bed "for a few minutes." I woke up just in time to go downstairs to meet Jacob's school bus. At 4 pm. Really.

Every time I went out, I felt as if the wind and cold were attacking me, personally. And taking the weather personally? Something I do not normally ever do. So I am clearly not in my right head, thinking fuzzy.

So I think I am all done with these word things for today, better stick to photos. May I present my week in pictures:

Remember what I'd said about my car looking more like a snowbank
Before: Yes, there IS a car in there!
Well, this week all the snow emergencies were over and they finally brought back alternate side parking regulations, so it had to move! Luckily some time had passed since it looked like THAT and I was able to get it moved, see:
After: Free at last!
The wonderful Jen from The King and Eye and Irish Autism Action was over from Ireland, visiting New York City with her Mum. In spite of feeling like crud, I went out to dinner with them and it was delightful. (There's nothing like meeting an good cyber-friend for the first time!)
Jen & I at a magic little spot on the Upper West Side: Cafe Lalo
Jake had Basketball, as usual, on Saturday. The big kid buddies are awesome. (And some of them are REALLY tall.)
Jake (Mr. Yellow) is a good shot!
On Sunday, I took Jake and my Mom to a Music for Autism interactive concert. I am not going to go on and on about them here (there's a whole post in that, coming soon) but it was AWESOME and we all had a great time, including hanging out with my Twitter friend SherriPizza & her son.
Jake LOVES music!
Music for Autism concerts are noisy and busy!
Ethan had a parents-welcome demonstration in his after-school fencing class:
One for all and all for one!
 I took my Mom to the doctor for a routine check-up. All is well!
Not bad for 88, right?
Monday night? I should have been in bed with the covers pulled up over my head. Instead I ventured out into the rainy night to hang out with about 25 other NYC bloggers.  Since I had tweeted this event into existence, I really had to show up, ya know?  We were mostly, but not all Moms; mostly, but not all women; mostly, but not all NYC (some had braved NJ Transit and MetroNorth trains to get there). We had a blast:
Hanging with the bloggers at the Brickyard!
Bloggers really like to talk! (Who knew?)
(Next one is in April. Tweet me if you want the info.)

And... it's a wrap!

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