Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: One sleeps, the other doesn’t

Sunday, bloody Sunday.  Yawn.  OK...


This is not the first time I have complained whined ranted talked about this, (nor will it likely be the last) but tihs morning at 6:30 AM I sent out this tweet:

The puking thing last night was highly unusual (my kids have not been THANK GOODNESS stomach buggy pukey types, even when babies, they were not big into the spit-up thing).  Usually it’s just his brain that keeps Ethan up until 10, 11, 12 at night.  Every night. Talking talking talking.

And yes, he is my twin WITHOUT autism. And yes, I know how unusual that is. Jacob, the one WITH the autism is usually easy to put to bed. (Unusual for autism, I know.)  Really, he’s out like a light in like 5 minutes.

Jake has to get up at 6 AM for his bus on school days, and the downside to that is, once the habit sets into his brain? It doesn’t un-set. so weekends, holidays? Still 6, maybe 6:30 if I’m lucky.

But with Ethan his ADD or anxiety or some combination thereof makes him a terrible sleeper. It may also be his circadian rhythms. My husband and I are naturally both night owls, even as kids, too. We’re writers, this is not unusual. Comes with the territory for many.

And you know what I have also often said about apples and trees, yes?  When I was a kid I was scared, no, *terrified* of the dark. Slept with the light on until I was 14. Yes, 14.  Yes the light, full on, no wimpy, shadow inducing night-light for me. But I was an only child, I could do that without disturbing anyone else.

We live in a small NYC apartment, they HAVE to share a room. Which sucks in so many other ways, but I won’t go into that now.

But here’s the other, NEW thing.  While this is our normal pattern, It has suddenly gotten worse. Last night Ethan was unable to sleep because his stomach hurt (not unusual, anxiety often does this) but then? the puking. Ended around 1 am.

And, also? For the past 2 nights Jacob has suddenly been having trouble falling asleep, waking in the night, up BEFORE 6 yesterday…  We’ve been trying a new medication on him, one that 2 different doctors had high hopes would really help calm down the constant talking, quiet the busyness in his brain, help him focus. 

It may be doing a tiny bit of that.  But the main thing it seems to be doing is disturbing his sleep. And the One thing I have been able to count on is his being my good sleeper. CRAP!

Writing this down, I am realizeing I am more upset about this than I thought I was.  I was hoping this was the “magic bullet” for Jake. Both Dr. H AND Dr. N independently came up with this,  thought it might really make a big difference for him, that he was the right “type” to respond to this particular medication. CRAP! Crappity crap, crap!

And that’s so NOT how I love to end my posts, with “crap”. But today? It will have to do.


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