Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of Summer

Yes, it's another nasty, dreary, grayer-than-gray winter day here in New York City.  An ice and sleet storm this morning made bringing Ethan to school treacherous, although he genuinely enjoyed the slip-and-slide aspect to it all.

Jacob's school had tossed in the flag the previous evening, declaring their third Snow Day of the season (although technically more of an "Ice Day" I suppose) and all my plans for today just went to hell in a hand-basket. 

Jacob has been watching way too much mindless TV and I (and most of the snowed-in North-East it seems) have been spending way to much time mindlessly tweeting on Twitter.

Looking through my photos, thinking about what to grab for this week's "Wordless Wednesday" I just couldn't stand to post a recent wintry picture.  I am reading my West Coast, Southern and Australian friends warm weather posts, turning all shades of green with envy.

So I set the wayback machine and pulled a few summery shots from my iPhoto archive, because if I have to look at another picture of snow, I will weep (and I actually LIKE snow!).

Moments from Summer, 2010: 
I loved the soft grass under my feet
Jacob loved to pretend to drive
Ethan proudly rode a horse
 And now for one from the way, wayback machine:
Summer 2005, Squashed family at my parents residence in Riverdale

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