Monday, February 28, 2011

I Get Around

I am guest posting over at Mommypants today!

What?  You thought I meant that in a different vein?  Well, I *did* once, but not anymore.  I'm a proper married lady now, remember.  Ahem.

So come visit my friend Cheryl's terrific blog, and read all about how I wear my Mommypants.

Especially the upgrades I needed as my son's special needs were emerging, and no one was listening to me...

Cheryl was one of my early blogging connections.  She wrote for the (now sadly defunct) SV Moms Group Orange County Moms blog, a sister site to the NYC Moms Blog I wrote for.  I was noodling around their other sites, discovered Cheryl there, followed her back to her home blog and was hooked. 

Cheryl is a wonderful writer and a great mom, with three astonishingly beautiful children.  She was a pioneer, a sportswriter in a time when women were still a novelty in the locker room.

She also a truly generous blogger, creating connections and community both at Mommypants and at The Red Dress Club.

Cheryl is one of the founders of, and a driving force behind the wonderful Red Dress Club site.

This is a support site for writers, a virtual writer's society.  They have recently begun a specifically memoir writing prompt, and I was very pleased with the post my participation in this inspired.

So now go, read me at Mommypants today, and then stay for a while and savor Cheryl, explore some other mommypants moments guest posts.

I am honored to be in such prestigious company, proudly wearing my Mommypants along with the amazing guest bloggers who have come before me.

And if you are new to The Squashed Bologna, come over from Cheryl?  Welcome!

I love to meet new people, make new friends.  Sit down, stay awhile, I have some stories to tell...

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