Monday, December 20, 2010

The Unbearable Sucktacity of Being

If you called or e-mailed or rang my doorbell today and I did not answer you, did not return your connecting gesture?

Forgive me.

I have been miserable all day, riding that line between extreme discomfort and pain, riding it hard.

Today, all day: I felt like crap, shit, shite, merde, poop, crud, dreck, guano and cowplop. 

Think this post is gonna carry the label "whiny rants"?   You betcha.

But it's going to be brief.

Because for this stuff?  The line between entertaining and oh-god-when-is-she-going-to-shut-up?  Comes up mighty fast, I know.

Like I said: brief.

I know you think I don't have it in me.  Me, being "Queen of the run-on-sentence (with parenthetical clauses)" and all.

Just watch, I can be brief... ish.

Just the facts, ma'am:

I now have a date with a surgeon: January 5th.  (Sad to say, he does NOT look like weird Al Yankovic.)

That's the soonest date after the big school break is over that we can get the "gall bladder removal show" up and running.

In between now and then?

I will likely be a little bit miserable, all the time.

Afterward?  For about 2 weeks, a LOT miserable.

And then?  And then?

If I'm lucky, a whole lot better.

Friends have sent messages of support and tales of how much better they felt once the deed was done.

I can't say I'm not anxious, but as these days of feeling crappy roll on and on I am getting quite ready to be done with all this.  I hate being cranky with the kids.  Hate having no energy, and really hate low grade nausea as a constant companion.

It was my least favorite aspect of being pregnant and I came out of that with two babies to show for it.

Nothing of the sort this time (although I have been told gallstone jewelry was the fashion in ancient China, I think I'll skip that).

Keeping a sense of equanimity, keeping my humor intact  and getting some patience with the kids back are my big challenges for the next two weeks.

Also?  Coming up with posts that are NOT all whiny rants.

Wish me luck.

(I would say "send chocolate" but I can't eat any for the next month or so... waaaaaaah!)

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