Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Special Needs Blog Hop Strikes Again

Well, it's Thursday again, time for the Special Needs Blog Hop!

This week's prompt is.... Random Thoughts.

Random Thoughts?  Really?


Do these people know what a world of mess and chaos they are inviting into their brains by asking me to unleash my random thoughts?  The ones I usually have to keep on a tight choke-leash so they don't go cavorting all over creation?  Or?  Possibly dull as dishwater.  ADD-rific brain, remember?


OK, they asked for it:

How is it possible that Jacob will not wear long sleeves this winter?  Last spring we had to stop him from trying to pull down his short sleeves to make them long.  I understand it was the transition form one habit to another, but still, the transition period? Lasted 2 days, maybe 3.

We're going on two months now of the daily battle "I don't LIKE long sleeves! I want SHORT SLEEVES mommy!"  And then when I put long sleeves on him, they get pushed up above his elbows.

I wouldn't mind if it weren't full on winter weather right now, and he with that long bus ride in the bitter cold early darkness. Damn.

Jake makes progress, is more assetive, and for me?  Royal pain in my ass.  Goes hand in hand these days.  Big sigh.

I spent the day searching for doll size clothes for blue bear who now has to sit at the table with Jacob and should be dressed accordingly.  Jake has noticed his bear is naked and is not pleased.

Also?  He told me blue bear is a girl.  I quizzed him about this mightily, afraid I will come home with girl doll clothes that will then be rejected.  We'll have to wait til tonight to see.

Wow, peppermint crusted chocolate covered pretzels are amazing.   I will eat this whole tub if someone doesn't take them away from me soon.  Good thing Ethan loves them, too.

Can't believe how much is left over from the Chanukkah party. What's wrong with people?  Don't they eat?  Or did I buy enough food to feed a whole army?  Don't answer that.

Oh, this kitty feels so nice purring in my lap.

What's going to happen when my Mom's elderly cat, Willie dies?  She is going to go from sad to  despondent.  He's 17, how much longer can he last?  Damn!

Peppermint crusted chocolate covered pretzels.... mmmm....

Oh, my is that really the time?

Gotta go.

Running downstairs now to meet Jake's school bus.

My baby, he rides the short bus...

(Don't say you weren't warned)

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