Friday, December 10, 2010

It's My Hopeful Parents Day: Value-Able

I'm over at Hopeful Parents again today.  I really really like this post: "Value-Able"  It's kind of intense.  Sad, but also?  Hopeful.

Come clink on the linky box and read me there:

It's the 10th of the month.

Yes it is. 

I know: barely.

Just squeaked in under the wire this month.

You want to know why?

Two nights ago, on the evening I had set aside to finish and polish my Hopeful Parents post?

We had the Great Kitchen Disaster of 2010.

A cabinet leaped off the wall and came crashing to the floor.

Not just any cabinet.  A high one.  The one filled with Jacob's many vitamins, medicines and supplements.  And also a significant portion of my green depression glass collection.  And some of my favorite mugs, too.

The front and sides just detached from the back.  That stayed connected to the wall.   Guess all that shit was just too heavy for a cheap-ass Ikea cabinet.  Who knew?

Thank goodness no one was hurt, as the kitchen was unoccupied at the time.

My husband was in our home office at the time, adjacent to the kitchen, and says it sounded like a hailstorm: a deep cascading rumble.

Did I ever mention we have a lovely ceramic tile floor in the kitchen?  Beautiful to look at.  But?  Very hard.  And so when breakable things fall on it?  Much shattering.

And also?  On the way down?  It took the honey jar with it.  Yes, the honey.

Picture it: the kitchen floor covered in bottles, pills from broken bottles (the glass ones), glass chunks and shards.  And honey, oozed all through it.

Wait, you don't have to picture it, because I took pictures:

Just what you want to come home to, right?
Where the cabinet came from: the back, still on the wall.
Ground Zero
So this is what we did for hours and hours and hours.  And hours and hours and hours.
I loved that glass.  I cried over it.
I cleaned up the kitchen.  Instead of working on my post.  Which is why it posted so late today.

At least I got it done, and I'm happy with it.

Damn cheap-ass Ikea cabinets.

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