Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, you may have noticed my blog looks different now.  This is an interim design.  Just me noodling around again, this time with the help of the lovely folks at Shabby Blogs who have provided many elements for this transformation.  And for free.

At some point, hopefully in the near future, this will all change again.   So, for the sake of clarity and posterity, here is a screen-shot of how the blog looks today:
The post-modernist in me loves this: a picture of my blog on my blog.
I am also in the middle of talking/tweeting/e-mailing with a few blog designers right now.  And if you are one of them, you have my deepest apologies (and sincerest condolences).   I am not trying to be flaky, diva-like or difficult;  I know last month I said I would be back in touch with you in a few days, and then wasn't.

I am just not quite ready to commit to a design or designer yet.  I don't know for sure what I want, am still churning it all through my brain and don't want to waste your energy & time and my money before I'm more settled.  So I'm asking for patience. The busy, busy season is upon us, with lots of (how am I ever going to get through it) school vacation days.  And so I am pushing off this blog project onto the new year.

So until then: welcome, everyone, to a work in progress.

I'm even tinkering around with the HTML a little, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  I'm not a real computer person, though I find them to be intriguing little beasties.  I've figured a few things out myself, and can do a bit of code cut and pasting, some basic HTML tagging without doing too much harm.  Yet.

If you ever show up and my blog is utterly broken, please have patience, it will be fixed soon. It just means my beginners luck has run out and I've done something heinous to my code and will be working to rapidly undo it, once I've figured out what that should be.

Also the other breaking news is that I have finally gotten so tired of Blogger's non-interactive comment system that I've gone and installed the IntenseDebate system for comments.  This will be my first post with it up and running, so let's hope its functional.  And also?  Now with CommentLuv.  Because I can.

Leave me a comment, and I'll ANSWER you!  Whoo hoo!  (Unless it's broken, then let me go cry in the corner for a minute before I pick myself up off the floor and fix it.)

The only other option was to switch to Wordpress, as many of you have done and have urged me to do. But I'm just not ready for that much change, so bear with me, OK?  Maybe some time in the future.

So for now, I've just gone all rosy.

Ethan hates this new design, by the way.  It's "way too girly" says he.

"I'm a girl" I told him, "I like it." 

"But you have two boys.  We're boys and you write about us!"

True, true.  But?  Too bad.  It's my blog.

I don't get to buy pink and purple dresses and sparkly glittery things for my kids.  No bold Marimeko  fuchsia flower sheets for their room.  It's all blues and greens (Ethan); reds and oranges (Jacob); solids, stripes  or superheros (thank you, XY chromosome combo).

I'm not much of a girly girl in life.  But on my blog right now?  A little dusty pink feels nice.

Let's just say I am wanting to view the world through rose colored glasses right now.  I have been viewing it through shit colored glasses on too many occasions lately, and am working consciously to up the amperage on my inner optimist.

And also?  I didn't see the fine details 'til after the fact, so this is pure serendipity, but I'm pretty sure those sketchy sepia flowers are wild roses.  And my name, in Hebrew?  Means "wild rose."

I was named after my mother's dear Aunt Rose, who had been a very important person in her life.  Rose had been a tennis player, a proto-feminist, and my mother looked up to her.  It is in the Jewish tradition to name children after beloved family members, but only those that have passed on.  This has the unintended effect that we are often named for those that have died untimely young, as was the case with Rose.   So obviously I never knew her, but still proudly carry her name, am glad to be named for someone who loved my mother so very much, and was in turn loved by her.  As do I, as am I.

And to have a hint of that here in my blog design?  A nice bit of serendipity, indeed.

So for now this is cyber-me.  And, yes, I still need a banner and buttons, and (God help me) am thinking of trying my hand at making them myself.  I downloaded a free trial copy of Photoshop Elements, so I have 30 days to figure it out.

I'll let you know how *that* turns out.

UPDATE: so far so good, except that by adding Intense Debate as my comment system, the Comment Links on posts as they appear on my home page have disappeared.  This is true for this post and all future posts until I get this solved.  I'm working on that, but for now, if you are on my home page and want to comment (or read comments)?  Click on the TITLE of the post and go to the specific post's page. Voila!  Comments will magically appear for your reading and posting pleasure...