Friday, August 19, 2011

Written on Bathroom Walls

Sometimes? A small truth is where you least expect to find it. This was found a few weeks ago in the bathroom of the Hungarian Pastry Shop in Morningside Heights in New York City. The walls are usually covered with graffiti (it's a popular hang-out for the Columbia University crowd), but about once a year they repaint to give a clean slate to the bathroom philosophers.
Want to see it closer up?

And I agree. I so agree.

I have a million things to say, but no time to write right now, so I thought I'd let someone else's found words do it for me today.

Also? I DO have a BlogHer11 post coming out - at least two, in fact. But the fact that I am a slow blogger (see last year's very late The BlogHer10 reflections of a very. slow. newbie. blogger), AND that I was away with my family for days without decent internet access, AND that I am a ruminator, that I often need time (and sometimes a LOT of it) to digest things before I'm ready to comment?

Means those posts are still cooking. I'm seasoning & stirring the soup for sure, just not ready to serve it yet. I do sincerely PROMISE they're coming soon.

But until then? Just to tease a a bit and because it fits with the theme here (and to prove that I actually WAS at BlogHer this year)...

Here's this year's picture of me with Jenny, The Bloggess at the People's Party in the bathroom they built for her INSIDE the party room.

Forgive the poor quality - this was taken on my phone which is an early droid model with no light. And Jenny is MUCH more beautiful than this (see last year's picture in this post), it's just the only shot I've got so I'm using it (forgive me Jenny, OK?)

Also while you're waiting for my BlogHer post? Read this lovely one by my friend Stacey.

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