Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My One Year Anniversary as a Hopeful Parent

Not only is today the 10th of the month, but it also happens to be my birthday. (51. Thank you.)

This is not a coincidence, a happy accident. It is also my one year anniversary of posting for Hopeful Parents, my 13th post over there.  Last year I had asked to begin on the 10th of August, thought to commemorate my 50th birthday with my first Hopeful Parents post.

What I had failed to calculate was that this meant that every year I will now have a post due on my birthday. So be it; it's a great chance for reflection, looking back over the landscape of the year just flown by.

So what has changed in a year? Mostly that the new school I had so hoped would be good for Jacob turned out to be wonderful beyond our wildest dreams, a great place for him to grow and learn.

Jake still does not yet have a friend. But we're working on that, have high hopes for the coming school year.

But besides all of Jacob's wonderful developments? It is also true that my son grows both older and stranger, adolescence looming a few heartbeats away.

I've been reading a lot of posts from friends lately about their slightly older autistic kids entering new stages of meltdowns and more, and frankly, it's got me a bit spooked.

So come read me over at Hopeful Parents today as I contemplate some Cautionary Tales.

See you back here tomorrow.

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