Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

For those of you who were reading me last year? This is going to look awfully familiar, because we were back at the in-laws' Great Barrington house again this year.

Which means a lot of swimming in the pool, Jake in love with the car, and me obsessed with the magnificent flowers in Patty's lovely garden. Wanna see?

Jake the fish
By the time I pulled out the camera, Ethan was already done, warming up in the sun
For those who doubt - see my husband does exist!
Big, beautiful flowers!
Ethan contemplating his new lefty mitt
Once again, Jacob delighted in watering the car
He takes his job very seriously
He even got Ethan to put down his glove and help out this year
Dude can get a little bossy
Jake supervising, Ethan pouring
Inspecting his work
Jake showing me where the hose is, to fill his watering can: "Go over THERE, Mommy."  If you know anything about autism, you know how important this photo is.
In a few years, Dude, in a few years. (Yikes!)
Also? It was a really short trip this year. Rain, rain, rain, rain. But two glorious sunny days.

I could sit in this back yard forever
And then we headed home to pack up the boys for their week of camp. And for me to then drive back UP to the Berkshires 2 days later. This will definitely be known as the summer of the car. (And no, I'm not ever really wordless. Deal with it.)

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