Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blog Gems at Summer's End

Can you believe a whole fortnight has passed since the last Blog Gems - Air Your Archives link-up? Me neither. What has happened to TIME this summer?

We've been so busy vacationing and preparing for vacationing (so much work I need a vacation from THAT) and this year for the FIRST TIME preparing to send the boys off to a week of sleep-away summer camp (sob, my baaaaabies, sob). Ethan is going with friends, and Jake is going to a special ASD camp where we hope he will find friends.

So while we are off depositing our kids in different states today, you....

Come! link up! Tell all your friends! I promised my friend Jen her lovely linky meme would be alive and well when she brings it back home to her blog, The King and Eye, some time in the fall (or whenever she's ready). So don't make a liar out of me.

This is what Jen says about Blog Gems:
How many posts do you have languishing in your archives? Great posts that will never be dusted off and brought out to breathe again! Maybe you created fabulous content before you had lots of followers, or maybe you have been blogging for years and your current followers haven't seen your older material.

Blog Gems - Air Your Archives is a fortnightly linky list where we will give a prompt and you select a post from your archives that fits the prompt. You do not have to create content for the prompt, unless you want to. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of the post into the linky list. Voila, an old post gets a second shot!

To take part:

1. Follow MY blog for now (and Jen's blog once I hand her back the reins) to get future Blog Gem posting information and linkys.

2. Grab the Blog Gem button and place it on your sidebar (html code here). Putting the button on your blog is not a deal-breaker, some people just don't like doing it and I have no problem with that at all. What I will say is that something like this can't be successful without 'word of mouth' so I would appreciate if you could find another way to let people know that this is available and they are welcome to join in.

3. Enter your link.

4. Read and comment on the submissions of the two blogs posted before you on the linky list. (Please!)

5. Help spread the word by telling your blogging friends, either by tweeting this or blogging about your entry.

And here's what I have to add:
It's a wonderful chance to get fresh eyeballs on your great posts from the past. People tend to put in recent posts because they're freshly in our radar, but I would encourage rooting around in your archive and dredging stuff up that's deeply buried, if you can.

The rule is that you're supposed to select a post from your archives that fits the prompt... but, being the generous, kind-hearted person that Jen is, it's a lenient rule. She states: "Broad interpretations of the prompt are encouraged so this could be a good chance to be creative!"

And now the theme (you may have guessed it)... as I'm currently wallowing in end-of-summer bittersweetness and nostalgia, full of feelings as my boys are about to go off to camp alone for the first time in our lives, this week's prompt is: Endings and Transitions 

Endings and Transitions... things that are over or about to be over... changing over to a new regime, or just the little daily transitions (that some of us have such trouble with). Take this as large or small as you want to go... the end of a day, a relationship, an era. Personal or political... macro or micro... happy or sad (or some of each)... have fun!

Ready? Good. Go link up!

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