Thursday, January 31, 2013

January '13 Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

Across the ocean, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

My mother is gone... but life carries on... and thus...

Welcome to the January 2013 edition of my monthly "What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs" feature! (The place where I share what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet over the past month.

And with this post, begins my SECOND year of having this as a monthly feature on my blog. I feel it is chugging along quite nicely, as I really enjoy curating and doing my small part in maintaining the blogging community that I love so much.

Anglican Church in Rotorua, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

(Okay, I prepped this post, wrote those words at the very beginning of January, before everything all went wrong with my Mom. I'm sure they're still true, even though I am not exactly "feeling it" right now, so I'm leaving them in. Also the aforementioned "blogging community" has been so completely lovely to me in my worry and then grief, the kind of support that keeps me from sinking under. So this, my tiny give-back to the community is something I deeply want to carry on with, though it simultaneously feels odd to write about anything other than my grieving or my mother right now.  Back to the standard intro now...)

Also, as usual, I am featuring many photos from my friend and amazing intstagram photographer Neil Kramer - of the blog Citizen of the Month - who spent most of January on an extended sojourn in New Zealand, falling in love with a raven haired woman named Juli, who you will see depicted often among his photos this month. (That's her lovely back in the photo at the top.)

Taking a Walk, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

And so I bring you some lovely posts from January: 

The Supermom Myth by Jessica of Four plus an angel
There is No Such Thing as an Un-Natural Birth by Rebecca of Beccarama

Los Angeles. Dusk. by Neil Kramer

How We Do It: Part XXI in a series by Elizabeth of a moon, worn as if it had been a shell

Coming to Grips with the "Number"... by Diane of Our Adventures with Riley

Mt. Doom? New Zealand by Neil Kramer

If I Were You by Jen of Momalom

The Complexities of Coming Out – The Jodie Foster Edition by Vikki of Up Popped a Fox 

Juli in a cave, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

What We Don’t See While We Are Crying: Stray Thoughts on Les Miserables & Contemporary Society by Jane of Jane Devin

You Are Going to Pay for Our Kids by Adreinne of No Points for Style

People Driving Through Campsite, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

Basically, I'm Just Gonna Walk The Earth. by Eden of of Edenland

One Day More by Alicia of Lost in Holland

Train, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

Baby Fever  by Marinka of Motherhood in NYC

Fifty Shades of Humiliation Featuring a Guy in a Gray Suit by Renée of renée a. schuls-jacobson's blog 

Art Deco Hotel, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

With All The Love We Can Do It With by Maggie May of Flux Capacitor  
and also, if you will, these other 2 beautiful posts of Maggie's (it was SO hard to choose): Wabi Sabi {Scenes From A Marriage} and at night i listen for the wind outside my window

The Blurry Photo of J by Neil of Citizen of the Month

Rainy, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

And last but not least, once again, a Neil triptych:

photos from New Zealand by Neil Kramer


  1. Oh, Varda. You are such a dear to carry this on despite your great grief and sorrow. And it's such an honor to be included here, so thank you. I am grateful every day, like you, for this incredible community of bloggers, and it's writers like you that help all of us along --

  2. Life goes on. ONe foot in front of the other, dear friend, I'm right along with you.


  3. It never ceases to amaze me - the human capacity to just "get up and get on".
    Time - it may not heal everything, but it does help.
    Take care of you and hugs as well from me

  4. My heart is heavy for you... you are such an amazing soul, finding healing in honoring and supporting others. you are a gift to the world!

  5. What lovely pictures on your blog! I found you through the Love that Max linkup and wanted to invite you to add your blog to my index of special-needs blogs at I think a lot of others will be encouraged by your posts.


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