Friday, July 20, 2012

I am Aiming Low today!

Bet you didn't know I could be funny did you?

(I know, based on recent evidence you're looking at me doubtfully.)

But I am really a very funny person in my life, and when I'm not being so squashed I even bring some of that here to my blog from time to time (albeit it's often a gallows humor).

That said, I wrote a pure humor post a little while back, and when I read it over I thought: Wow, this feels like an "Aiming Low" type of post.

Apparently, they thought so too, as the wonderful and wonderfully funny folks over there accepted it as a guest post and published it!

So click on the link (or button below) and go on over to read my post: "It’s Not Cat Pee; It’s Me!"

(And please leave me a comment there so they think I'm popular, m'kay?)

And if you're newly visiting me from over there...

Hi, nice to meet you.

Welcome to my blog, which, at the moment is a wee bit focused on the old people in my life deteriorating, interspersed with a lot of chatter about autism and special needs parenting. Not the funniest stuff you've ever encountered, I know.

But, like I said, I do occasionally lighten up, and if you want to read some of my fluffier fare, here's a short tour of my best "humor" posts:

Out of the mouths of my kids:
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Funny lists? Yeah I got 'em:
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Random funny:
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Remember I mentioned gallows humor? This:
13 Things to Do in the ER for 30 Hours

Thanks again to the folks at Aiming Low for giving me a space to get me funny on. Gonna try to do it again here, too (as soon as life lightens up a bit).

1 comment:

  1. Mixed bag here:

    Happy for you that you're at AIMING LOW, b/c well, duh: only most clever people on the internetz BUT

    I have been telling you forever that you're funny and now that AIMNING LOW tells you EXACTLY what I"ve been saying for over a year, you believe THEM.

    I am wounded deeply, Varda. So deeply.



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