Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Day of Nine

Today was the boys' last day of being nine.

(Happy and sad, all at the same time, tumbling away inside of me: missing their little-boy-ness gone away forever now; excited about their growing, unfolding, becoming the big boys and young men they will be)

We had their birthday party today, a jam-packed affair: movie, pizza (burger for Jake) and then a hands-on tour of our local Rita's where the manager, Sandie, has become a friend. The boys made watermelon ice and got to taste a sample of their handiwork, yum!

Ethan and friends at lunch
Making ices at Rita's

And, oh, the cakes! Once again I was up nearly all night making the cakes. (Probably my last year for this too.)

Jake 2012 cake: Batman again!
Ethan 2012 cake: KNICKS!

That's it for today, folks, just a few pictures to share.

Ethan is FINALLY asleep (his plan to stay awake until midnight so as to usher in the first moment of 10 has failed).

Now to prepare for tomorrow, their ACTUAL birthday. We'll celebrate with a trip to Long Island to see their Grandma (my mom) and then back into the city for dinner at...  Clyde Frasier's Wine and Dine. And yes, there is a basketball court INSIDE the restaurant.

(Do I know what makes my boys happy or what?)


  1. Awww... makes me teary just thinking about losing the little boy years. I know I've said this before, Ethan is such a little Bob Dylan, adorable! And such great ideas you have for making their day. I guess I'm lucky that Jack does not want decorated cakes ... at all cost, he could NOT eat it if it was. Which lets me off the hook. Phew. As I have no cake decorating experience or skills. Yours are awesome.

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan and Jake! Have great day tomorrow and a wonderful year.

  3. Double digits all the way...

    Love the cakes, as always.



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