Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Lazy-Ass Thursdays Post

No there is no such meme thing but I missed Wordless Wednesday, so thought I'd make up some excuse for a pictures-mostly post because I seriously have no time for anything but.

So here's some pictures from the past week (she says, tossing them randomly at her blog, hoping they'll stick):

The boys played basketball together Sunday AND Wednesday. Win!

On Tuesday I went to see my mother. She loves to pick things - flowers and greenery - wherever she goes. Used to embarrass the hell out of me as a kid. Now it just seems sweet, and a sign that she is feeling more "herself" finally.

And yes some of this crunch is of my own making. I REALLY didn't have the time to take time off and go to the Listen to Your Mother reunion lunch hosted by Kathy at her beautiful home by the Husdon River.

But how could I stay away? More pictures coming later, but here's a taste, a tease:

Kathy in her kitchen
On Kathy's front porch

And... I'm outa here... I got a double birthday party to prep for, yo.


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  1. These pictures are great! And your mom is beautiful! I'm glad she's feeling better.


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