Sunday, July 29, 2012

Counting up to TEN!

Double digits?

Yep, we got 'em!

Ten years ago today at exactly this time, 10:12 in the morning, you came into this world, my sons.

(Jake I know your birth certificate says 10:13 but that's just a formality because your head was out and you were screaming your lungs out in protest while it was still 10:12. Believe me, even drugged up on the c-section happy juice, I remember that.)

I have already told the story here (twice!) of how amazing that day was: last year when you turned nine, and the year before that when you became eight. So no need to rehash.

Let me just say, I am so excited as you stand here, on the cusp of your official "tweendom," headed soon into teenagehood and so much more beyond that.

Being an older mom (and feeling more and more ancient each day) can be very useful, sometimes. It means I have friends with much older (even adult) children, helps me to have some perspective on this whole growing-up-process thingie.

I know that the transformations to come will surprise and astound all of us. I look ahead three short years and see you already have a Bar Mitzvah date (October 10, 2015 if you're into long range planning).

Ethan, this is your last year of elementary school, and middle school awaits (and getting you into a good one, the bane of NYC public school existence, is my nearly full time job for the next few months). There is so much you have been looking forward to about this, your "senior" year, most of all when you will dominate the basketball court as a 5th grader.

Jacob, you have finished your two years as a "Level Two" student at your wonderful school, and are moving up to "Level Three" with new teachers in a new building. I hope the transition goes smoothly for you, and that this year's teachers will love you as much as your last. I'm thinking with how lovable you are, they certainly will, and promise I will be by your side to make sure you feel safe secure and happy as you negotiate the changes.

And, as much as I am looking forwards, birthdays always make me look backwards, too. So here it is, counting up to ten:

ZERO (1 day old)
TEN! (and impossible to get them in one photo together)

Happy Birthday again, my wonderful sons, the adventure continues...


  1. I love how one stayed a blond and the other went to darker hair and the curls TO DIE FOR>.. Happy Birthday ya'll..My oldest turned 20 today..

  2. Happy Birthday to your boys. Time flies by so quickly, too quickly!

  3. Happy birthday to Jake and Ethan. Double digits is HUGE! Most of us stay there for the rest of our lives. Hope the year proves as fantastic as mom's wishes. PS: Varda? We should invent an app for automatically updating ages on all social media. In our spare time?

  4. happy day to your boys. love love love the flip book photographs! It would take me days, weeks, months to track them down, but you've inspired me to do so.

  5. It wasn't until Aeryn turned ten that I realized just how fast a decade could actually go by. God, that picture of them as toddlers, can't you just remember the chubby arms and legs and the chasing them everywhere so they wouldn't unleash mass destruction?

    Happy tweendom, guys. Tell your mama I said she's a terrific mom and a great writer.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your two gorgeous boys! :)

  7. And a very happy, though belated, birthday to them both!


  8. Lovely post. :) I already said Happy Birthday but I'll say it again. Btw - I've made a note of the B"M date.


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