Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Spring has Sprung!

New York City abloom
Oh poor neglected blog child, once again I am ignoring you for the one who screams the loudest. Listen to Your Mother is eating your lunch in blogging energy. We have near daily "Meet the Cast" posts going up, sponsors are coming in fast and furious and they need logos to be set and up and linked and... and...

But it is Wednesday today, glorious in its Wordlessness. So I can toss a few recent photos up onto a page and call it a post. Hooray!

Actually, we have a bit of catching up to do, folks. So here's the past few weeks in pictures Instagram (my latest addiction)...

First? A few weeks ago Jake asked for and got his spring haircut:
Before: Gloriously shaggy
Just look at those about-to-go curls
After: Handsome and proud
Ethan, on the other hand? No haircut yet.

Here he is the morning of his class's mock trial for their colonial history unit (love his creative teacher). He's the lawyer defending the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre, and really wanted to dress the part. Hence the suit and red power tie.

Ethan is bemused by the incongruity of fancy suit and basketball

Speaking of Basketball, the season has sadly come to a close. Here are the boys proudly holding their trophies at their respective celebrations:

And finally? Spring has come early to New York City this year.  It seems like every branch and stem in the city has just violently burst forth into bloom. And I captured a few with my phone camera, because like my mother, I love flowers.

Enjoy the spring my friends! (The past few days' cold snap notwithstanding.)


  1. Love the photos of your sons and of my favorite neighborhood in bloom! Happy Spring!

  2. your boys are so handsome, loving the red power tie and sooooo jealous of those curls on both of them.

    This gave me my smile for the day :)

  3. Hi Varda,

    Empress sent me over, even though we already follow one another on have mad photography skillz, your sons are darling, and I understand you're going to BlogHer. I'm also envious of your LTYM role! I am lobbying hard to get the show to Kansas City (where I am) for next year, even if I don't have the balls to submit something, I just think it would be incredible to have the show here.

    Just thought I would say hi even though you are buried in LTYM prep, etc...maybe I'll get to meet you at BlogHer?!

    1. Hi, Erin, I am sure we will find a way to meet up at BlogHer this summer!

      As to LTYM, if you want to produce the show - and get yourself a great partner,that's the key! - you could probably make it happen in KC. Contact Ann on the LTYM national site, but probably not until after May, she's a wee bit (INSANELY) busy right now. Good luck!


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