Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Men in Trees

It's a Man. In a Tree.
I know it's been a wee bit heavy around here lately -- what with March being the anniversary month of so much utter crap for me, most of all of my father's death two years ago, yesterday.

So I thought, today being Wordless Wednesday and all, I would take this golden opportunity to lighten up and put up a post about something you don't see here every day. No autism. No death. No elderly mother. No aging body. No homework wars.

Just... springtime.

And men in trees on Riverside Drive, doing a bit of spring pruning: keeping things safe, so dead branches don't come crashing down onto loved ones while they frolic beneath.

So, walking Ethan and a couple of his school friends home on Tuesday along Riverside Drive...

what did we see, but men... in trees...

We were amazed at how they got up there, dangling in the air from a rope until high in the branches.

And doesn't Ethan look all teenagery and movie-star-ish in this picture?

OK, folks, that's all.

Men in trees. And a cute picture of one of my boys. That's enough, right?

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