Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrounging for the Hopeful

I'm not even going to pretend I wrote this on the 10th. It's way too overdue for that. It's the 12th of the month, and even that just barely.

I'm wiped out. Even more tired than last month. If that's possible.

But for some GOOD reasons, this time, too (Listen to Your Mother-NYC - Yeah!) But still, tired is tired.

... so now THIS is (finally) out of the way, and I'm going to bed. (Cue vision of sink full of dishes - CRAP! Well, almost going to bed.)

But YOU should head on over to the Hopeful Parents site and read my 20th post there: Scrounging for Hope

Also - WARNING - right now (hopefully soon to be fixed) the site is loading slow. REALLY slow. Slow like for a full 2 - 3 minutes you see the header and sidebar only, while the main post body area remains blank white.

And while, yes, I know that 3 minutes is a CENTURY in computer time these days (though I am old enough to remember a time when it SO wasn't, when that would be considered a FAST load - Ha!) PLEASE have the patience to wait it out and read my post over there. And if you would leave a comment it would be ever so lovely.

OK. Yawn. To bed.

(ME - you go to HP now, please.)

(Yes, I'm bossy.)


(Not Really.)

(Dishes, then bed. Right. Thanks for reminding me.)

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