Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

Photo by Neil Kramer, my FAVORITE instagram photographer, by far

Welcome to the SECOND edition of "What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs" a regular monthly round-up of what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet. (Now that my period is no longer "regular & monthly" I figure SOMETHING in my life should be!)

(OK, I'm 3 days late, but let's just pretend this was a NORMAL month with 31 days, okay? Because I really needed those extra days. Not fair February, not fair!)

And this month I am adding another feature, a favorite instagram photo from another photographer, too. Though I have to tell you, I am guessing they are ALL going to be by my friend Neil Kramer, who blogs at Citizen of the Month.

Neil is the most amazing photographer who doesn't believe he is a photographer, thinks he's just "having fun" with his photos. However, he has "the eye" - something that as the daughter of a celebrated photographer, I do NOT say lightly.

And now, a handful or so of wonderful posts from February, 2012, presented for your edification and enjoyment... And I tried to keep it light this month folks: sweet, uplifting, and/or funny posts. And I was mostly successful, see...

And now, starting with a perfect post from the aforementioned Neil:

The Perfect Couple from Neil of Citizen of the Month

That's What I Wanted from (The Empress) Alexandra of Good Day Regular People

Somebody give the tooth fairy a double espresso. And some gratitude. from Eden of edenland

YOU’RE RUINING NATHAN FILLION FOR ME, NATHAN FILLION. Alternate title: But I forgive you. from (the Bloggess) Jenny of The Bloggess

Some days it's not even worth trying to chew through the restraints from Jillsmo of Yeah. Good Times.

The Transcendent Familiar 7: Choking on the Ashes from Adrienne of No Points For Style (yeah, this is not one of the light ones, but so moving)

Losing Sleep. from Tulpen of Bad Words

There are places I remember from Ellen of Love That Max

And ending with a second photo from Neil, because I couldn't decide which one I loved best:

Photo by Neil Kramer. Salt shakers or Daleks - you decide.

Note: Once again, this is an idiosyncratic, and very incomplete list. There is always more wonderful out there, but these are the particular ones I have chosen this month. Next month? Come back again and see what has struck my fancy.

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