Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

January half-moon through city trees

Well, I so enjoyed doing my 2011 year's end round-up that I decided to make an annual tradition of it.  Also I figured I would start collecting posts for it early in the year, so all I would have to do is hit the "publish" button come next December 30th.

But then I discovered something... By the middle of this first month, I had already collected so many of these wonderful posts I've found on OTHER people's blogs that there is no way they are all going to make it to the final cut at year's end.

But I have been so moved by these, I didn't want them to pass un-noted. So I thought: why not make it a monthly thing?

Can't think of a single damn reason not to, so... OK!

So here it is, the first monthly round-up of what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet; some dozen wonderful posts from January, 2012, presented for your edification and enjoyment...

As always this is an idiosyncratic, and very incomplete list. There is always more wonderful out there, but these are the particular ones I have chosen this month:

The fight goes on. from Jenny (the Bloggess) of The Bloggess

Why? from Jessica of Four plus an angel

i see myself from Jess of a diary of a mom

Help from Alysia of Try Defying Gravity

Nothing To Say from Neil of Citizen of the Month

Angst, ennui, desolation and other words I found in a thesaurus from Jillsmo of Yeah. Good Times.

Compelling. from Eden of edenland

Chickened out, grabbed a pen and paper, sat down and I wrote this song. from Elysha of Wet Clay on Jo Hilder's Blog

from Meredith (aka camerashymomma) of the spirit of the river

Realistic Optimism from Phoebe of Herding Cats

going on a bear hunt… (and it sucks) from Deborah of MaNNaHaTTaMaMMa

This Might Give A Lesser Man A Stroke from Alexandra (The Empress) of Good Day Regular People

Um, looking over these, I realize they are mostly on the heavy side. Sorry.

Guess that's my January seasonal depression talking. I'll try to find more funny ones next month. (But then again, you might have to wait until April for lightness and mirth - just warning you, winter and frothy are not mixing for me  these days.)

Ciao, babies, see ya next month (um, yeah, that's tomorrow).

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