Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What I did on my Winter Vacation

Actually, this would be more accurately: What WE did on OUR winter vacation.  Because I was never alone, not even for 5 minutes... and as I'm the family photographer, there are never any pictures of ME... so herewith are some highlights:

The day after Christmas, we drove up to our in-laws' house in the Berkshires for a few days, where we go every summer and some winters, too. There was absolutely NO snow - except on the slopes where they make it, of course.

Thanks to Ethan's Aunt (my sister-in-law) we got some free package passes to Butternut that include EVERYTHING: equipment rental, day lift ticket and a group lesson.  The helmet is extra, but I think my son's brains were worth $12 a day, so we sprang for that.

It was awesome, because Ethan really wanted to learn how to ski and neither Dan nor I do, ourselves.

First day, Ethan was in a group of 1, so he got a free private lesson - WIN!
By the 2nd day he was riding the lift
A friend of mine says, if you're not falling you're not learning. Ethan did a lot of learning.
What Jake did while Ethan skied.
Tuesday the 27th was the last night of Hanukkah.  We light the menorah for the last time this year.  You can tell this is at my in-laws' house and not our apartment because it is so nice and new and clutter-free.
Waiting for presents.
All 8 candles
"... and while we are playing, the candles are burning low..."
And, as ever, the views from their windswept hill were stunning, especially at sunset.
End of day sky in Great Barrington
Back in the city, Ethan had a playdate and I had fun shooting the pretty, late afternoon, wintery, city skies with my new favorite toy: instagram.

On January 2nd, the last day of break, we took a jaunt with friends over to the Liberty Science Center, just across the Hudson river, in New Jersey. It's a great hands-on, interactive science museum, and while Jake and I have been there recently, it's been a while for Ethan.

It is so interesting to see how much more the kids are getting into the actual science learning of the exhibits, now that they are older; how they can read the displays themselves, follow the directions, really do investigating and exploring.

Who doesn't love messages and hidden meanings?
Ethan and a friend coloring pixels
(doo doo deeeee doo) Science!
Spaceship or telecommunications teaching module?
Jake LOVED to play with & manipulate his own image.
Some of the signage in the communication exhibit made me sad.
And then it was home, early to bed, school the next morning, How was your vacation? 

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