Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kinda Wordless Wednesday: Nice Niece

My lovely niece Rachel came to town for a business meeting this week and I got to see her twice - once at home with the kids, and once at my Mother's. How delightful!

Rachel came at bedtime, and Ethan was in a silly mood. Luckily, Rachel is playful and fun as well as intelligent and beautiful!

The next day Rachel and I had a nice coffee together, then we went to see my Mom (her Grandma) and joined her for lunch.

Rachel had a new iPhone and we took some pictures with her camera as well.

Mom was fascinated by the phone/camera concept. Also that these tiny things are computers that can call up the internet. It seems like magic to her.

Rachel had never seen instagram (shocking!) so on the cab back to the west side, I gave her a demonstration, taking and manipulating this photo of her:

I believe a new instagram addict has been born!
Come back soon, lovely niece!

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