Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sibling Day for Me at Hopeful Parents


Yes, why it IS the 10th of the month, so that means I'm over at Hopeful Parents today.

And, as it is weighing so heavily on my mind, I'm talking about sibling relations again, in my post: Not His Brother's Keeper.

I talk about the usual dreadful state of things between Ethan and Jacob, and also talk up my new guest post series, Special Needs Sibling Saturdays.  Not surprisingly, quite a lot of my guest bloggers also post monthly at Hopeful Parents.

I know you're used to me blathering on and on even when I'm just here to throw to my post over there. But today I'm going to surprise you all and shut up.

So go read me at Hopeful Parents, then come back tomorrow (well, maybe the next day) for more of my "brilliance."

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