Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Nostalgia Edition

My Mother as a flower girl in her Aunt Rose's wedding, c. 1929
We finally unpacked and hooked up the scanner, and I have gone scan-mad.  My father's recent passing has unleashed a floodgate of photos passing through my hands, and I could spend hours, days, years, just visiting with them. My friend Adrienne is doing the same thing right now, pouring through a treasure trove of memorabilia from her Grandmother (who placed her precious collection in her granddaughter's hands upon moving to an assisted living facility).

So I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the sands of time:

1917 My father as a baby
Yes, all of us grown ups were once babies, much to my kids' confusion and delight.

Mom and Me, 11 days old
You may have seen my young father in my sidebar, remember this guy?
Dad in his early 20's
And now here's young Mom:
Mom in her 20's
Wasn't she a knock out? Since my parents didn't meet until they were much older (Mom in her 30's, Dad in his 40's) they never knew each other like this. I certainly did not know these young people, but it's fun to peek into their pasts.  The mother I knew never wore heels!

Going even further back, my Mother's relatives just off the boat. Literally, that's the boat behind them:
Mom's Aunts, Uncle and Zayde (Grandfather) at Ellis Island
I love the wicker suitcases. Welcome to America, oh Ancestors!

I don't normally like to scare people, but since Halloween is almost upon us... Me very, very pregnant with full term, full size twins:
The night before my kids came out to meet me
Yes, that was as uncomfortable as it looks.  My cousin Jessie called me "The happiest miserable person I know." during my pregnancy, because it was very physically challenging and I WAS just miserable (20 weeks of all-day-sickness, then unbelievable heartburn, for starters).  But simultaneously?  Deliriously, over-the-moon, goofy happy the whole time.  And totally worth it, since it lead to this...

I have always loved this photo:
Ethan, five minutes old (and already dramatic)
Jacob's happy personality really shines through in this one:
Jake at 4 months: "Duuude, let's grab a brewsky"
Our first Family Snow Day:
January 2003
When they were 8 months old, we took the boys to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Florida :
Mom & boys at 8 months
OK, enough with the cute babies.

Finally, I leave you with this one -- Me at 20, about to go out to Studio 54 or Danceteria with my wild friend Lisa, who loaned me her ha-cha-cha red dress and did me up (because really, at that time in my life? make-up not my thing):
Stop laughing, it was the style in 1980. Really. Stop it.

Since I am thoroughly in the thrall of my scanner, and even hijacked Sunday's and Monday's posts to throw some old pictures in, I'm sure I will be dragging you on more walks through time, but for now, have a nice Wednesday.

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  1. Great photos.
    I once worked for a guy who was father of twins. He told me that one day, when his wife was 9 mos. pregnant, they went to eat at a diner that had fixed booths. She sat down, the babies moved around inside her, and she couldn't get out!

  2. The poodle 'do in the 80's shot is fine... really, not extreme at all. I could see it on someone with such curly hair as you now... What screams 80's to me is the single shoulder duster ear cuff


  3. I love these photos, Varda. That one of your dad as a toddler is priceless! I can't wait to see more!

    Also, you and I had a similar 80s 'do!

  4. I'm loving your scan madness, too.

    I love old photos...just do.

    Thank you for them, I seriously enjoy them.


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