Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday means... Special Needs Blog Hopping

OK, It's Thursday again and I'm doing this again. Community, connection, support... these are good things!

There is a question I'm supposed to answer: "How Do You Handle Stress?"

Really? You really think I've got an answer for that? 

Because those of us with special needs kids, especially if we have more than one, especially if we've realized we have some special needs ourselves? We are under way too much stress, all the time. Bucketloads of stress. Boatloads of stress. Shit-balls of stress raining down upon us. All. The. Time. 

Why not just ask "How do you handle life?" 

Because for us?  Life = Stress.

I'll say it again:


And I guess my answer is another repeat of what I stated at the top of this post:

Community, connection, support... these are good things!

That, and a little venting, and a lot of caffeine, and chocolate, and an occasional glass of very good red wine, and lots of hugs from my children, and chocolate, and remembering what it's all about... the big things, not the little ones...




And lots of laughter.  Because there is always something to laugh about, even if it's just ourselves.  Because if you look for the joy, you will find it, even in the midst of sorrow.  

So I keep on looking, and laughing.  Sure beats crying all the time.  Although I do my share of that, too. 

So hop on aboard, link yourself up.  Because?  Community, connection, support... these are good things!   

And did I mention chocolate?


  1. You're absolutely right on all counts. Stress does = life. Don't sweat the small stuff

  2. LOL at the chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. Your right you have to look at the joy and laughter. I think it's a big part of keeping sane. Thanks for joining in the blog hop :)

  3. I agree. Life = Stress. I've gotten used to living with some degree of stress. Right now, I'm on the low end of stress. Things have been going good. And I am making a point of enjoying it, because I doubt it will last long. Especially since we are in the big holiday season. Hi from the Special Needs Blog Hop.

  4. Chocolate always helps in this house, and good friends to listen while I let off a bit of steam sometimes:) Jen

  5. I totally agree... for moms like us Life = Stress. It's just that way.
    And that's why we need things like the blog hop. You said it best: community, connection, support!!

  6. Love it...shitballs of stress indeed!!! There are many of those pinging around our house!
    For me it's tea, the gym, my pals, red wine and word games.

  7. Haha... YES on the chocolate, but alas, I have to give it up... what now???!

    Yes, for us life=stress; others just don't get that.

    Blessings & hello from the special needs blog hop!

  8. You summed it up well. Life definitely = stress for parents of special needs kiddos.

    So very thankful for the joy life with special needs kids brings, too. :)

  9. Uh..... sorry, I tried to read your post. Really! But I was distracted by that hunk of EYE CANDY over on the left called the cement worker. And THAT, my friend, is how I deal with stress. Yummy EYE CANDY!

  10. Life does equal stress and it's all how we manage it. I manage it by cheering up my day by reading great blogs like yours (and now that Brenda mentioned the cement worker I can't look at anything else :-)
    Have a terrific weekend.

  11. Without stress our bodies would not have a reason to function. Stress is good. Too much stress overtaxes all our systems. When stress becomes pain, physical or emotional, we are damaging ourselves. I thought it rather important to point out the difference. One of the best stress reducers for me is to look at some other people's problems and gain perspective, which isn't easy when your child is not special needs but absolute needs.

  12. My kids cause a lot of the stress in my life, but also make it all okay again, with a bit of help or a smile from my girls, and a hug from my son. Of course I need chocolate and friends as well x


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