Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hopping on the Special Needs Blog Hop

I don't normally participate in bloggy bloggy things like memes and hops, just not in my nature. But obviously this one is different, these are my people (or at least one set of them.)

For the second Thursday in a row, a lot of us special needs parenting bloggers are linking up and saying "Hello" to each other, and helping to make it easier for people to find a big community fast. 

Support and community, while important to everyone, is doubly, triply, a thousand times more so for parents of kids with special needs.  The experience of having a child who is not just trundling along the usual development path can be terrible isolating. There you are at the moms-of-twins group you've been attending since the babies were born and everyone is talking about how great it is that their 18 month-old twins are playing together and they will never be lonely, and you have to go off to the bathroom for a good cry because one of your twins has absolutely no interest in his brother and would much rather stare at the ceiling fan. 

Also there is so much information a parent of a child with special needs must have.  Getting the right evaluations and services for your child can be literally a matter of life and death.  Or at least the difference between hamstringing a child vs. giving that child the opportunity to rise to their highest possible level of functioning, a chance for a life fully lived.

So here I am joining in.

I hope you hop around and visit all these wonderful folks.

If you are a special needs parent (grandparent/loving supporter) please add your blog, too. And don't worry, your blog doesn't have to be all about special needs (mine certainly isn't) but if that's a part of who you are, then these are your people, too, so on hop in!


  1. I agree. We are not all about our children, special needs or not. But if it's part of who you are, then you are welcome on the Special Needs Blog Hop.
    Thanks for joining us. I have had times when I have had to go off on my own and cry.

  2. I actually was inspired to create a blog to talk about some of what we're going through with our son because I saw this hop on another blog I read last week. I'm looking forward to getting to know al lof you exceptional moms.

  3. I do love that in your side bar - life BC. Who'd have thought we'd turn out like this!


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