Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Crispy around the edges

Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesdays, because frankly I am deep fried right now.

Losing Blanche; funeral; sitting shivah; the wonderful but exhausting annual Halloween Party at our friend's Kingston house, driving the 4 hour round trip to the Halloween Party; Jacob's continuing ridiculous bussing saga; New York Comic Con WITHOUT Daddy this year; sleepless night to finish my Hopeful Parents post; ANOTHER 3-day weekend full of sibling animosity... I am just scooped out again, like I was this past spring when my father passed away.

So instead of my usual, labored-over writing, I offer up here a few illustrative pictures from the past two weeks:

From the awesomest Halloween Party (a thousand "thank yous" Meilan & Billy):
 Um, let's be clear on this: Ethan DREW the design in black marker. Mom (that would be me) was the one with the pumpkin gut hands.
I think my favorite part of this day was deep into the evening, when it had gotten dark and the kids were running around outside, barely supervised. They had been together all afternoon and had formed a cohesive kid gang; were playing games whose rules they could not explain to us even if they tried. This is a freedom that city kids don't ever get: to be outside at night in the true dark without a bossy parent standing right over you. I love being able to give my kids the magic of the inky night, even if just a few times a year.

From NYC Comic Con:
Beyblade forever!
Happily obsessed
Ethan found this booth with the soon to be released Beyblade Metal Fusion video game for both Wii and DS. Lucky for us, we own both platforms (Oy!)  He LOVED playing the game, had to be torn away from the booth kicking & screaming. Can you say "top of the Hannukah list"?

It was so sad to be there without my husband who is a comics professional and was actually a consultant for the Con. He had put together many of the wonderful panels, was supposed to be on or moderating many of them. A highlight of going to the Con has always been visiting Dad at his booth, walking around with him and being the proud son of. We felt his absence keenly this year.  I wanted to bring the boys anyway, was glad I did, but wow, was it crowded.

Finally, this is why I love coming to pick Jacob up from his new school a few days a week (the bus ride home is ridiculously long.)  How much I will love doing it in freezing snowy January is questionable. But for now:

I wish you all a happier Wednesday than I'm having. I have a stupid cold and am going to crawl back into bed now & pull the covers up over my head. Until I have to leave to go pick up Jacob.

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